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Rodder’s Journal

Rodder’s Journal Website Concept

Rodder’s Journal Website Concept

Where do horsepower and craftsmanship meet design on the web?

The Rodder’s Journal, since 1994, has brought the very best in hot rod and custom photography, writing and history to it’s readers. Each annual issue brings a carefully crafted blend of traditional hot rods, classic customs, early drag racing, the best newly built cars and the rich personalities behind one of the world’s most unique and passionate pursuits.

To bring the Rodder’s Journal from print to web, it was important to retain the esthetics of the publication. To do this, Mark approached the design like building a hot rod; include only what is needed, simple but strong design and make it fast. Okay, maybe not fast, that’s up to your internet provider. But by combining a dark color pallet, beautiful imagery and a mix of strong and traditional typefaces; Mark has crafted a website a hot rodder would be proud of.